Direct Vision Standard

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) requires all HGV’s over 12T will need a safety permit to enter and operate in Greater London from the 26 October 2020. The scheme was created to improve the safety of all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

DVS Compliment Safe Systems

Bristol Auto Electrical Offer three DVS compliant safety systems to improve indirect vision.

We can fit DVS systems at our Bristol or Westbury depots. To arrange a fitting please contact us

Bristol Depot Tel. 0117 971 2242
Westbury Depot Tel. 01373 859010

We also offer mobile fitting. Please call us for a mobile fitting quote as price is dependant on your location.

For trade account holders please visit our DVS kit section on our B2B/trade website

Bristol or Westbury depot

Fitted Price

£749.95excl VAT

Direct Vision Standard Guardian DVS Safe System DVSK1

Bristol or Westbury depot

Fitted Price

£749.95excl VAT

Direct Vision Standard Durite DVS Safe System 4-776-58

Bristol or Westbury depot

Fitted Price

£699.95excl VAT

Direct Vision Standard Durite DVS Safe System 4-776-60

What Is Direct Vision Standard (DVS)?

The Direct Vision Standard measures how much an HGV driver can see directly through their cab windows. This indicates the level of risk to vulnerable road users, such as people walking and cycling, near the vehicle.

For more information on the DVS safety legislation we recommend reading the information supplied by the London transport website – DVS star ratings and Safe System improvements

All vehicles shall obtain a star rating under the DVS system. Every vehicle must meet a minimum DVS star rating of one star, unless exempt from the scheme

Meet The Minimum DVS Star Sating

A vehicle can have a rating of zero stars (the lowest rating, with poor direct vision) up to five stars (the highest rating with excellent direct vision).

If your HGV is rated one to five stars, you can apply for a permit without the need to provide any additional evidence.

If your HGV is rated zero stars, you will need to make your vehicle safer by fitting it with Safe System improvements.

What’s My DVS Start Rating?

You can contact your manufacturer to request a DVS star rating for your vehicle(s) or to enquire about the rating of a new vehicle. You will need to provide the chassis number (VIN) for existing vehicle(s).

For more information on contacting your vehicles manufacturer see the Transport for London website

Direct Vision Standard Star Ratings

Zero Star Rated vehicles with an approved safe system will be grated a permit until 2024

Three, four and five star rated vehicles will be granted a 10 year permit.

You can apply for a safety permit on the Transport for London website

Direct Vision Standard Zero Star Rated Vehicles

To apply for a permit as a zero star rated vehicle, you need to fit your vehicle with all the safety equipment listed:

To improve indirect vision, and help drivers see near the vehicle

  • Class V and VI mirrors

  • A fully operational camera monitoring system

  • A sensor system with driver alerts

To warn road users of intended manoeuvres

  • An audible vehicle manoeuvring warning for left turns (or right turns if the vehicle is left-hand drive

  • Warning signage

To minimise the physical impact of a hazard

  • Side-underrun protection

The Transport for London guide on zero star rated vehicle compatibility and the DVS legislation